What Industries Can Benefit from AV Technology?

audio video company

When you think of AV technology, you usually conjure images of concert halls or other music venues. But AV technology actually has a range of applications that benefit a number of different industries. Wherever sound is needed, audio video companies are there to answer the call.

In fact, the number of industries that can benefit from audio visual services is only growing. As retailers and businesses incorporate new ways to utilize multimedia designs on their sites and in brick-and-mortar locations, help from an audio video company is more desired than ever.

But which industries can benefit from the help of an audio video company? Here are some of the primary examples of audio visual technology in motion.

Educational industries

Whether you’re trying to incorporate the best audio visual displays in the classroom or in your local museum, a great audio visual design can transform the learning experience.

People learn in a variety of different ways. Studies show that 83% of learning occurs through visual aids while 11% learn through hearing and 3.5% through touch. While some people prefer to read information, others want to see it and hear it to truly process valuable information. This is particularly beneficial among children. There’s no doubt that a great audio video system will grip their attention, whether they’re sitting criss-cross applesauce on the floor of a classroom or learning about local birds at the science museum.

Fitness industries

If you want more people to come to your gym, installing great audio visual systems is the best way to garner potential customers. After all, working out is hard; providing any sort of distraction to help your clients fulfill their workout is a welcome endeavor. Not everyone has a media player to rely on as they work out. By installing a reliable sound system and crystal-clear television displays, your gym will become more than just a place to work out: it will become a source of entertainment.


Sports bars, mom and pop diners, and commercial restaurants can all benefit from a great audio visual display. After all, few patrons will enjoy a scratchy playlist with randomly fluctuating volume. At a bar, countless people will want to come in and enjoy popular games. If you don’t choose reliable sound system installation in Atlanta, you could lose potential customers — and the ones you already have.

When you’re looking for an experienced audio video company, rely on the professional staff at CEI AV today.