Tilted Kilt John’s Creek

CEI worked with the franchisee in developing the original design concepts to produce conduit, power and low voltage infrastructure drawings. We designed and implemented a system that includes background music, 21 flat screen TVs, a high definition Directv system, and a Private Dining Room. All video distribution is handled by a 24 X 24 Extron matrix switcher, which provides full flexibility of program presentation. Controlling this system is a custom programmed Creston system that features a 10.4” touchscreen which displays the floorplans of the different areas of the restaurant and the TV locations in those areas. Simply press on a certain TV on the floorplan and the video source that is playing on that TV appears on screen as well as the capability to change the channel of the program.

“CEI was able to really meet all my demands for audio and video. We were able to sit down and configure the A/V system so that all guests could have an enjoyable experience. With their custom designed interface control of the system could not be any easier. The system installation could not have gone any smoother and even months after the sale CEI’s support team is always there for us. I am truly happy with the system.”
Bo Kang, Owner – Tilted Kilt Johns Creek