The Sound of Worship: What to Consider With Your Church’s Audio System

sound system installation in atlantaStudies have found that people who attend an event or meeting retain six times more information when it’s presented through both oral and visual means. But in your house of worship, the word truly has to be heard. That means you need to make your sound systems a priority if you expect your congregation to take away those important life lessons. Because every church, synagogue, and religious house has different needs and challenges, here are a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind when working with a company that specializes in sound system installation in Atlanta.

  • The room: A room’s size, architecture, and acoustic elements will all dictate what kind of system your audio video company installs. It’s not enough to set up a microphone and a speaker and call it a day. Your AV specialists will need to consider the room’s acoustic qualities (i.e., whether it reflects sound or absorbs it), which often comes down to the surface materials used. For instance, glass windows and wooden pews will help move sound around the space, but carpeting and drapes will dampen it. When you choose a reputable company that offers sound system installation in Atlanta, they’ll take all of these elements into account and determine what’s needed to provide clear sound in that space.
  • The congregation: The features in a room aren’t the only thing that will determine how well sound moves around a space. The number of people within that room will play a role, too. It will help your AV experts to know how many members of your congregation typically show up to a given service. The more people there are in a room, the more amplification and clarity will be required to ensure everyone can hear the message. Understandably, smaller churches require less AV equipment (and even less skill) to obtain a pleasing sound. Large churches, on the other hand, need to work with an audio video company with a good amount of experience and the capability to design a system to accommodate their needs.
  • The message: You and the company you’ve chosen for sound system installation in Atlanta will also need to consider what needs to be heard at a given service. Do you use amplification only for speaking? Does the choir need to be mic’d? Is the music pre-recorded or played live? And do you use only a simple organ or piano, or is there a large band on the pulpit? The more people and instruments that require amplification, the more complex this setup will be. A delicate balance may be required to ensure everything can be heard clearly with no component overwhelming the others.

If you’re looking to make improvements to the current sound system at your church or you really don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Contact us today for further information.