Peachtree Christian Church

Project Scope

CEI was approached by Peachtree Christian Church to explore options to add a video projection system to their sanctuary. After discussing their frustrations on their 2 year old sound system, our scope was changed to resolve the speech intelligibility issues in the main sanctuary. CEI modeled the room using the EASE program and it was determined that rather than selling them new speakers, we could reconfigure their existing speakers. We split their existing horizontally mounted 16’ Renkus Heinz speaker column in half and relocated the two halves vertically in the front of the sanctuary on the first columns left and right of the altar. Also added were two additional columns for the choir located in the balcony, which is also where the sound board is located.

Since this is an historical building in Atlanta, we had our faux painter meticulously texture and paint the speakers to identically match the stone columns on the lower level and the millwork for the balcony speakers. The result was that the congregation did not even notice the speakers when entering the sanctuary after the work was completed. Monitors for the altar, and chairs left and right of the altar were also added and painted to match the stone. Each of these had separate volume controls as well.

Last, the church originally had pew back speakers that had been disconnected. CEI tested and reconnected the first 3 rows of pews to provide coverage where the modeling indicated a lack of coverage. An additional Bi-Amp Nexus Audio processor and choir stick mics were added to the system as well as portable monitors when a stage is used for special services. The result was that every seat in the Sanctuary became a great seat with excellent speech intelligibility.

Church Audio Video InstallationChurch Audio Video Installation







Church Audio Video Installation