Not Just an Audio Video Company

A lot of people know us for our work on A/V systems throughout the country, but what you might not know is that CEI also provides CCTV security systems as a part of our repertoire. If you have been considering having a security camera system installed at your location but are on the fence, here are a few reasons why it would be a good idea.

  • Liability- If you are a business in this day and age, one thing that you always have to be mindful of is the risk of lawsuits. Without having a camera system you run the risk of a frivolous lawsuit that could put you in a “he said she said” situation without any proof to disprove their claim. A CCTV system recording 24/7 will enable you to have the proof you need to debunk liability claims that occur on your property.
  • Evidence- All the DVR’s that CEI Inc. installs are equipped with a watermark that will stand-up in any court proceedings that might occur from incidents at your business. Cameras give you visual conformation of break-ins, shoplifting, or any other situation that could cause you to press charges against an individual. This greatly increases the chances of a perpetrator being apprehended and is a huge help to police investigations.
  • Reduce Shrinkage- According to the National Retail Security Survey; nearly 44% of all loss is due to employee theft. Let’s face it, employees have the means and best opportunity to steal from their employer. Having a CCTV system that is connected to the internet can greatly reduce the amount of loss that you incur. There is the initial visual deterrent that reduces loss simply by the employee seeing the cameras located throughout the facility. The next largest part is that when a DVR is networked, it enables the owner of the business to be able to view the cameras at anytime from anywhere. If the employees are aware that the management is capable of watching them at anytime, they are a lot less likely to try a steal behind your back.

With more than 20 years in the business, CEI has a proven track record of not only providing excellent audio video installation, service and maintenance, but also top-of-the-line security camera systems as well. For more information on CCTV, A/V systems, audio visual systems and other services CEI Inc. can offer, visit us online at or call