Museums and family entertainment centers represent a wide variety of venues and attractions, including theme parks, indoor/outdoor putt and play, zoos, aquariums, theaters, restaurants, and retailers. Each entertainment center has some or all of these types of features: Audio/video, surveillance cameras, and paging systems allow guests to enjoy sight and sound while knowing that any situations outside of the norm are being monitored and can be reported at a moments notice.

Need music for the souvenir shop?  Or outdoor video that never fades and is completely waterproof?   How about waterproof sound and sight making the ride down the log flume much more enjoyable.

CEI listens, develops the most cost effective solution, and implements the solution to the customer’s satisfaction and beyond.  At CEI we want you to realize your Return on Investment as soon as possible.  It’s what we do best.  It’s because we really care.

Muzak Background Music

Outdoor Visuals


Lighting EFX

Large Format Projectors

Video Visuals



Custom Furniture

Ease of use, streamlined system maintenance and on budget = the perfect solution.