Mistakes to Avoid With Your Restaurant’s Sound System

audio video companiesWhen you’re about to open a restaurant, you’ll no doubt be focused on the quality of the food and service for your customers. But those two elements aren’t the only ones to consider when trying to create a welcoming ambiance. You’ll need to think about decor, lighting, and even sound for a complete experience that will make customers keep coming back. That’s why it’s so essential that you work with one of the audio video companies in your area to design an AV system that’s well-suited to your needs and that lends itself to the atmosphere you want to develop. But if you don’t work with an audio video design company, you might end up making the following mistakes.

Deafening Volume

Since the market value of consumer electronics in the U.S. was estimated to exceed $120 billion in 2016, Americans do love to hear their music. But that doesn’t mean you should be blasting tunes throughout your restaurant. When the audio becomes too loud to handle, customers will decide to leave so they can converse elsewhere. No one wants to eat a meal when their eardrums hurt from the blaring music. Of course, some areas of your restaurant — like the bar or the patio — may require louder audio. Ideally, you should work with one of the qualified audio video companies nearby to ensure you can make adjustments as needed and that particular zones in your establishment can be controlled independently.

Confusing Choices

This mistake isn’t necessarily caused by poor sound system installation, but it can be every bit as harmful to your restaurant. Whatever genre of music you choose to play should match your restaurant’s style and branding. That means you probably don’t want to play death metal at an upscale, contemporary eatery or rap at a romantic bistro. Everything you play should make sense for the tone of the establishment. You may also want to be wary of having a loudspeaker system that allows you to make announcements that could be jarring to customers. Most restaurants have switched to tabletop buzzers or video screens to alert customers their tables or food orders are ready to alleviate the need for these systems.

Copyright Problems

Now that you’ve chosen the right style of music and the right volume at which to play it, you might think you’re home free. But you could face some legal issues pertaining to your sound systems if you don’t do your homework. If you’re broadcasting television or streaming music, you need to make sure you’re doing so in a lawful way. Commercial packages will offer the best way to avoid possible copyright issues or any other legal problems that could come up. And of course, make sure that any graphics you utilize on screens and other materials are ones you’re legally allowed to use.

Working with qualified audio video companies won’t always help you pick the ideal playlist. But these companies will design a fantastic system to ensure all of your AV needs are met. To find out more, please contact us today.