Important Considerations When Designing Your Restaurant’s Audio Video System

audio video servicesNo matter what kind of establishment you have — whether it’s a bar, bistro, quick service restaurant, or five-star eatery — you’re going to need some great audio video system design options. Having audio video services can allow you to set a mood, communicate with customers, and provide an unforgettable experience that keeps people coming back time after time. Remember: customers love audio and sound components, as is evidenced by the high market value of consumer electronics, which was estimated to pass the $120 billion mark in 2016. By using the popularity of audio video systems to your advantage, you can make your establishment stand out for all the right reasons.

If you want to get started on creating such a system, you’ll need to work with experienced audio video consultants. They’ll design the best system for your needs and desires. To that end, they’ll need some information about your place of business and what you want to accomplish. Here are a few things you’ll need to consider when you work with audio video services to design a visual and sound system.

  • How many rooms do you have?

    Most establishments have at least a few different areas that need audio video coverage. Of course, your main dining or bar area will be covered, but don’t forget about other key spots like the lobby, bathrooms, kitchen, offices, and outdoor areas. If you want customers and employees to hear music, announcements, or sound from screens, you’ll need to make certain all pertinent spots are included with your system.

  • What are the challenges with each room?

    The way a space is designed and decorated impacts the way sound will travel throughout. Your audio video services professional will need to know the length and width of every room, as well as how high the ceilings are and whether a given room has a strange shape or has alcoves or hallways. Your designer will also need to know what kind of materials are used in the building itself, along with what you’re using to cover the floors, walls, and windows. If your AV expert can’t tour the space themselves, it’s helpful to send along photos of your establishment or even any floor plans you might have.

  • What kind of atmosphere do you want to create?

    It’s likely that you’ll want to create a specific kind of mood with your audio video system. But different establishments often have drastically different goals here. Your establishment’s general feel and typical clientele can help to determine this. If you run a romantic restaurant, you’ll probably want soft music, with nothing too jarring. But if you own a sports bar or ultra-hip underground hangout, your needs will be much different for your audio system. Whether you want a calm, mellow feel or need to get your customers amped up, your audio video services need to support that.

  • Are there other complications?

    Your establishment is bound to have some complex issues that your sound system needs to solve. If you’re dealing with a lot of ambient noise that’s disrupting the customer experience, you may need to look into soundproofing. Or if you regularly host viewing parties, sports nights, or need to make tvs, other screens, pager systems, and music all work in tandem in a small space, your system may need specific adjustments. Your designer will work with you to make a customized system that fits your space and addresses your concerns.

By creating a custom audio video system for your eatery, you’ll provide a better experience for both guests and employees. To learn more on how superior audio video design can bring your business to the next level, contact CEIAV today.