How to Stop an AV Disaster From Ruining Your Presentation

audio video designWhen you’re scheduled to make a presentation at work or at a conference, your nerves may go into overdrive. Public speaking can be difficult even for seasoned professionals, after all. But fumbling over your words or mixing up your notes may not be the worst of your worries. If your sound systems don’t provide the volume or clarity you need, your message won’t be able to be heard. To prevent an AV disaster, consider doing these things before giving your big speech.

  • Hire the professionals: We can’t stress this enough. Whether you’re giving your presentation at your home office or in a big conference hall, you never want to take the DIY approach. Don’t simply assume the existing setup will do. At your office, prioritize working with reputable audio video companies to create a personalized audio video design concept that will work well for the business as a whole. When you’re speaking as a visitor, bring your own AV tech and/or hire the best AV providers possible. If nothing else, do this! It’ll ensure that your words will be understood no matter what.
  • Visit the space in advance: If you can book the room well in advance, all the better. But you should at least pay a visit to the room you’ll be in ahead of time to assess the possible challenges you may face and the setup that currently exists. This should give you enough wiggle room to fix any issues you might spot with the audio video design. Don’t be afraid to try out the speakers and amplification beforehand; that’s why sound checks exist! Be sure to ask any questions you may have at this time too, and make no assumptions about what might appear the day of your presentation.
  • Have a backup plan: Even if you’ve tested everything out and hired the best of the best, something may still go wrong. That’s the nature of the business, particularly if you’re in an unfamiliar environment. That’s why you need a Plan B. This applies not only to sound components but to visual ones as well. Keep in mind that data shows people retain 10% of what they hear from oral presentations but retain 65% of what they experience from presentations with oral and visual elements. Having to sacrifice on one of those components doesn’t bode well. If you have a backup microphone, laptop, projector, and other tools with you, you’ll be able to roll with the punches without blinking an eye. Otherwise, you may strain your voice or have to make do with a subpar presentation that will haunt you forever.
  • Send your presentation beforehand: If you’re not able to bring your own technician to your presentation, it’s likely that the venue will have someone available to assist you. It’s not ideal, but it may work out just fine. Whether this person is someone you hire or someone the venue supplies, you can work out a lot of the kinks ahead of time by sending them your presentation components and listing exactly what you’ll need. This will allow the technician to test out the equipment and make adjustments as needed before you even arrive, saving you valuable time and providing peace of mind.

When you give an important presentation, the audio video design needs to be up to the challenge. By hiring the professionals and being prepared, you should be able to avoid an AV catastrophe.