How to Overcome Common Classroom AV Challenges

audio video contractorsWhether you teach in a modest classroom or a large lecture hall, you’ll likely still rely on proper audio video design to get your lessons across. After all, data shows that the retention of information presented is six times greater, even three days after an event, when that information is presented through both visual and oral means. We rely on this technology to engage the next generation of great thinkers, but it doesn’t always work the way we want it to — particularly if you don’t hire professional audio video contractors to design and install your AV system. In today’s post, you’ll find a few of the most common classroom challenges where audio video design is concerned, as well as what can be done to fix the problem.

CHALLENGE #1: Making sure remote learners benefit from the same experience as classroom learners do

Although many campuses offer a separate program for online learners, there are some colleges and universities that allow students to attend lectures remotely. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to attend a class or meeting without ever having to actually leave the comfort of your own home or dorm room. Of course, this option isn’t without its drawbacks. Video may be delayed or pixelated, for example, or voices may be difficult to hear. But because these students are paying for the same caliber of education as those who attend the lectures in person, it’s essential to ensure that their AV quality isn’t compromised. The solution, therefore, is to design a setup that keeps these remote learners in mind. The sound system installation should include microphones on desks or in ceilings connected to digital recording systems. And audio streaming software should be utilized, provided it’s compatible with the most common platforms for distance learning. If improving the distance learning experience is a priority for your educational facility, you’ll want to hire audio video contractors who can assess the situation and design a system that ensures the needs of these learners are met.

CHALLENGE #2: Reducing or eliminating distracting background noise

Many of us picture the university lecture hall as being rather idyllic. But the reality may not reflect our vision of higher education. On a metropolitan campus, there may be ample noise from traffic; even in secluded suburbia, there may be sounds from other students that penetrate the walls of a given class. Unfortunately, these everyday sounds may be amplified by the specific design of the lecture hall and may make it hard for students to concentrate and actually learn. Often, the best solution will combine acoustical soundproofing methods and a more advanced sound system. By insulating the windows and adding soundproofing curtains, some improvements can be made. But it’s also a good idea to contact your audio video contractors to discern whether some adjustments can be made to the existing sound system. They might be able to add microphones, reposition speakers, or come up with another clever idea to ensure everyone can hear properly.

CHALLENGE #3: Improving screen visibility for presentations

We’ve spoken at length about the challenges surrounding audio quality in lecture halls or other classrooms. But what if the video screen lacks clarity or size for a given room? Today’s teachers may actually rely on more than one screen to get their point across. More flexibility is often required so that an instructor may use multiple screens to deliver concepts and information. When you need more than just a projector screen, you’ll need help from expert audio video contractors. These screens need to work in-tandem — not just with one another but with the audio you present. To ensure a clean and clear session, a specialized system must be developed. Otherwise, you might deal with delays or troubleshooting issues that can take away from your ability to teach.

No matter the type of classroom, working with audio video contractors can ensure your setup fits your needs. For more information, contact us today.