How A Good Audio Video System Makes Your Bar A Better Place To Gather

sound systemThe audio video industry is growing exponentially. Audio video companies have seen the market value of consumer electronics surpass $120 billion in 2016, a number which is consistently rising. The bottom line is that people want to hear and see whatever is entertaining them. One of the most popular venues to do this is bars.

Regardless of the reason you go to a bar, you’ve probably seen any number of televisions and projectors of varying sizes. You’ve also loudly heard the spirited philosophizing of innumerable sportscasters that somehow rises above the general din of the bar scene. AV design, display, and sound systems are essential to the bar industry.

Let’s look at a few audio video system implementations that your bar needs to have.


Surround Them, Make Sure They Can See

Sports bars are called sports bars because people flock to them for any type of televised event. If you don’t know if you have enough televisions, you don’t. There are tons of sports and thousands of channels to access them, so make sure that you have enough displays to make several playing at once a non-issue. It’s rare that all patrons want to watch the same thing.


Bump The Sound

People love watching games, but it’s also nice to hear the commentary. Your legion of televisions should be accompanied with a substantial sound system. Depending on the layout of your bar, plan for sound to be evenly distributed. Loud spots and quiet spots both drive people away from them. When the televisions are muted and the sun sets, make sure your sound system installation can also support hours of music for late-night dancing. Never forget the music.


Well-Programmed Control

It can be a nightmare to have a bar with 20 televisions and different audio zones. When there are six different remote controls all doing different things, it can get messy. Part of effective audio video design is being able to easily use it. Have your AV systems programmed into a central control that’s easy to use, change, and adapt to the ever-changing demands of bar guests. You’ll save yourself the headache when a group of people wants to watch five different programs in the middle of the happy hour rush.


People go to bars for a social experience. A good AV system adds an additional draw that keeps people together, whether viewing a baseball game or dancing the night away to great tunes.

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