Houses Of Worship

superior sound design requires an understanding of the many facets of a service as it relates to instrumental and vocal music as well as the spoken word.  CEI understands this relationship and the differences between the two.  Simply stated, the needs of the choir or instrumentalists aren’t always the same as the needs of the people conducting the service or presenting the message, yet they must all be considered in designing systems that permit the worship leaders to provide the congregant a deep worship experience that stimulates introspection and tithing.

Simplicity- Research shows that only 7% of congregations have a full time audio/video system operator, CEI prides itself in designing systems that sound wonderful but are extremely easy to use, even for a relative novice.  Because of this attention to detail, volunteer operators or even unattended operation can be incorporated into your system.

The Facility – If the existing system needs improvement, additions or even replacing, CEI can conduct a site survey at your location to help assess your needs.  Yearly check-ups or tune-ups and preventive maintenance plans are also available.

CEI Listens – Worship leaders and congregations have a vision of their worship experience. Every facility and congregation also has a budget established to achieve the desired worship experience. CEI considers the wants of the client, the budget appropriated and creates a design that will meet that budget and the expectations of the worship experience.

Ease of use, streamlined system maintenance and on budget = the perfect solution.