Electronic Essentials for Your Silent Disco

audio video companies in atlantaEveryone’s been to a live concert (and if you haven’t, we highly recommend it). They’re amazing audio-visual spectacles that bring people together. The forever unsung heroes in the concert world are the teams in charge of sound/video quality and technical support.

Audio video companies in Atlanta (and all sorts of major cities around the world) are coming upon a growing phenomenon in the musical world: the silent disco. While traditional concerts depend on powerful sound systems, massive displays, and teams of audio video experts for projecting an optimum experience, silent discos do things a bit differently.

The music in a silent disco — usually from a DJ, but can vary — plays directly into wireless headphones that everyone in the crowd wears. Each individual is hearing the same music as a crowd, but only in their ears. Collectively, they’re listening to the same thing, but non-participating onlooker can’t hear anything. They’re becoming increasingly popular and convenient for areas that can’t host a loud show. If you want to throw a silent disco, we’d warrant that audio video companies in Atlanta would give some sagely audiovisual advice that you should pay attention to.

Quality Audio Gear
From 2013 to 2016, headphone sales have surged approximately from 236 million to 334 million. A traditional concert focuses on filling a venue with projected sound, but the silent disco puts the sound directly in the concertgoers’ ears. If you’ve ever been to a concert with a poor speaker system it can throw off the whole show. The same is true of a silent disco. Just because you’re handing guests Bluetooth enabled headphones doesn’t mean you should sacrifice sound quality. In fact, poor audio quality in headphones is more noticeable than from large speaker systems and more difficult to maintain.

Don’t Skimp On Visual Effects
A silent disco is still a concert and should be treated as such. Just because there’s a great deal less noise doesn’t mean the concert should be devoid of light shows and video displays. In fact, they’re even more important in assuring the comfort of the concert atmosphere at a silent disco. They are a lot of fun, but nobody wants to be at a silent disco, dancing in the dark. Light it up and show video displays!

Maintain Fervently
Let’s not be naive, the silent disco crowd is still a crowd of clumsy people dancing around donning wireless headphones. Huge sound systems are barricaded, protected, more durable, and maintained by a team of sound engineers. Silent disco headphones take some serious abuse. Wear and tear is a fact in a silent disco crowd, but keeping the equipment maintained isn’t difficult. Don’t get lazy, keep everything in working condition and you’ll have happier concerts goers (and you won’t need to make unnecessary replacement expenses).

When your venue is ready to throw a silent disco, talk to the professionals. We can help guide you. Finding audio video companies in Atlanta can be overwhelming, we know. Stop by CEIAV and we’ll get you set up and ready for the concert season, whether silent or not.