Corporate Boardroom Audio Video Technology

Corporate Boardroom Conferencing Systems

Save time and money with an innovative, engaging corporate boardroom system.

Imagine the participants of your next board meeting, client presentation or retreat sharing content in real time, even though you might be in many different locations around the country or around the world! You can see each other, mark up the whiteboard, and review documents as a group. Yet, this productive meeting didn’t cost your business thousands in travel expenses. In this scenario, your board room is an interactive, engaging area where deals get done, decisions get made and innovation rules – all without spending an additional dime in travel or time.


The Interactive Whiteboard: A Cost-Effective Board Room Technology

In a technologically advanced society, businesses realize that a corporate boardroom holds many more possibilities than just a static white board and a projector. CEI Audio Video Technologies is here to help you make that possibility a reality.

One of our favorite items to incorporate into the corporate boardroom or conference setting is the Interactive Whiteboard. It allows for communication between different users in separate locations. Not tech savvy? No worries! The Interactive Whiteboard is as simple as opening a file or document, annotating the file, and saving by a touch of a pen to the board. This system will include a flat panel display with overlay, special pens and conferencing software to allow different users to be connected through the internet.

Including the Interactive Whiteboard as Part of Your Corporate Boardroom

The Interactive Whiteboard is beneficial to corporate boardrooms because it improves productivity, eliminates errors, and reduces the need for expensive travel. Because an Interactive Whiteboard allows for communication between different users in various locations, it can essentially cut out most travel bills due to meetings.

Our installation and service network allows us to support your business locally, regionally or nationally, through a variety of conference, board room and training room audio video systems. CEI Audio Video can help you decide which of the following are most important to growing your business:

• Speech and sound
• Interactive whiteboards for displaying and annotating documents with clients both  locally and remotely in real time via the internet
• Live audio and video streaming of meetings and events
• Control systems that are easy to use
• Plasma and LCD screens
• Video Conferencing
• Digital Recording Devices to capture the meeting for archiving or transcription
• Surveillance
• Lighting• Custom Furniture

Is your business ready to cut travel, improve engagement, have more productive meetings and fully leverage your boardroom? Give CEI Audio Video Technology a call now and let’s talk.