Corporate Board Rooms

Today’s boardroom is much more than a white board and a projector. Technology advancements allow for all types of media to play a roll in boardroom. Be it LCD and plasma displays, real time control, Tele / Video Conferencing, intelligent whiteboards, real time video broadcasting, furniture or lighting, CEI will tailor a system to meet your requirements.

Imagine looking at a marketing document or blueprint with your counterparts across the country real time. Imagine that all the participants can annotate the drawing or marketing piece only to receive a copy of the revised and annotated document as soon as the meeting is over. The great news is that you don’t have to imagine this anymore. CEI can deliver a system that performs these tasks and more.

Our installation and service network allows us to support your business locally, regionally or nationally, through:

Speech & Sound

Interactive Whiteboards

Video Streaming

Easy To Use Controls

Lightweight 4K TVs

Digital Recordings



Custom Furniture

Ease of use, streamlined system maintenance and on budget = the perfect solution.