Why Your Church Needs a Better Audio/Video System

When it comes to your church services, you may be more focused on content than the manner in which it's delivered. While that's understandable, it's often a mistake. Yes, your ideas have to be sound, but the sound quality is just as important. The … [Read more...]

Thinking About Incorporating Audio Video Solutions to Your Church? Here’s What to Keep in Mind First!

It is hard to find two churches across the nation that are exactly the same. The size, amount of worshipers, and denomination may change. However, one thing is for certain -- more churches are implementing technology into their buildings. This may … [Read more...]

CEI Audio-Visual | Audio/Video in Houses of Worship

Every industry has it's own requirements when it comes to audio visual systems and technology.  Working with churches or other houses of worship requires a certain knowledge, experience, and understanding. The technology used in a church sanctuary … [Read more...]

Peachtree Christian Church

Project Scope CEI was approached by Peachtree Christian Church to explore options to add a video projection system to their sanctuary. After discussing their frustrations on their 2 year old sound system, our scope was changed to resolve the speech … [Read more...]

Church Audio Video FAQ

We work with quite a few houses of worship and one of the most frequently asked questions that we hear from church leaders looking to purchase a state of the art audio/visual system is “do I need to hire a full-time expert sound person to run the … [Read more...]

Improving the Worship Experience

As society in general becomes increasingly tech savvy, church leaders, too, are embracing the benefits of having audio-visual systems installed in their place of worship. For growing churches with large attendance numbers, installing a state of the … [Read more...]