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Corporate Boardroom Conferencing Systems

Save time and money with an innovative, engaging corporate boardroom system.

Along with most other industries, corporate boardrooms have taken a step into the future. Using high tech, state of the art, audio-visual equipment – businesses and corporations are now able to incorporate efficiency and excitement into corporate meetings and conferences. The days of a simple PowerPoint presentation in a stuffy room are over.

Meet the Interactive Whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard, a large interactive display that connects your computer and projector, is the future of boardrooms and educational facilities alike. This is a technology that that allows you to, not only display your computer screen onto a large board surface, but allows you to control the computer with a pen, stylus, or finger from said board. It is kind of like mixing a projection system with a dry erase board, but much more interesting and efficient.

The interactive whiteboard allows for communication between separate users in different locations. This means less business travel for your company. Meeting with business partners, potential clients, or investors has never been easier. With the push of a button, users in various locations, even countries apart, can be on the same page – literally. Some worry that because the interactive whiteboard is “advanced technology” that it must be difficult to understand and use. But if you can use your computer, you can use this technology. It is because of it easy to use qualities and the expanse potential for education, that these systems are being utilized in primary schools across the world.

CEI understands that every industry is different and every business owner has a distinct vision and budget. That is why we always take the time to consult with you to understand the vision you have for your company. We will work with you to design a system to create the atmosphere you desire within your budget. Our installation and service network allow us to support your business locally, regionally or nationally.

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