Cathedral of Christ the King

A sixteen channel line array speaker (the first of its size to be installed in the U.S.), digital sound system and touch screen controller. The audio system replacement in this historic Cathedral was completed in 2006. The Intellivox by Duran Audio steer-able line-array speakers have performed exemplary in this very challenging acoustic space while being very aesthetically discrete. An extensive digital audio network utilizing a Peavey Nion platform with Crestron wired and wireless touch-screen control provides a robust, yet very user-friendly processing, distribution and control system. When a service features musicians, a Soundcraft mixer handles mix-down into the main system, while Shure wireless and AKG wired microphone systems are used in every service. Playback from Denon players that are controlled from the Crestron system is complimented by direct to DAT recording capabilities.

“My overall estimation is that, while CEI certainly has the technical expertise (and experience) to do a good job, their strongest characteristic lies in their commitment to the client…in getting it right no matter what or how long it takes. In the end, given the kind of complex system we were creating and installing, that corporate characteristic was the single most important ingredient to the success of the system.”
Kevin Culver, Choirmaster, Cathedral of Christ The King