Better Video Conferencing Systems

Video Conference Systems for Business

Save time and money with a video conference system.

There’s no doubt videoconferencing has come a long way in the past few years. Video conferencing, once seen as a luxury “want”, has now become a necessity for eco-conscious and budget-conscious companies. With so many known benefits to video conferencing, this is one “luxury” companies can’t afford not to invest in. At the same time, every company wants to ensure the best quality conferencing – no shakiness, slow pictures, poor audio. Companies do and should demand high quality communication.

Here are three big reasons to choose a better video conferencing system:

Reduce Travel

One of the greatest benefits of using video-conferencing is to reduce the amount of travel. Flying across country for a meeting is not always necessary. With the click of a mouse, organizations can meet with clients, employees, partners, vendors and prospects across the country, or even across the world, right in their own office. Meeting via video conference saves the money that would normally be spent on airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals, and other traveling expenses. In addition, unproductive downtime that accompanies travel is eliminated.

Support Sustainability

For companies making the shift to sustainable practices, video conferencing is even more important. Because using video conferencing equipment reduces business travel and commuting, carbon emissions are reduced as well. According to a recent study, video lowers a company’s carbon footprint. In fact, 100 employees using video once a week instead of commuting would save the equivalent of a forest the size of five football fields. Both customers and employees now research a company’s sustainability record to see how committed that company is to green business. CEI Audio Video offers only the most reliable equipment, like Polycom, to support your green initiatives.

Improve Collaboration

For companies with a distributed work environment or that serve clients across the globe, video conferencing brings the parties closer together. How? By giving them opportunities to talk more often, for longer periods of time and more productively. Video-enabled meetings allow clients and employees to stay more engaged, get questions answered, and feel a level of connectedness that is just not possible with a phone call.

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