Hotel/Motel Audio Video Gains Customers

Hotel Audio Video Technology

Improve your guests' experience with audio video technology.

If there is one thing the hotel industry has learned, it is that you have ONE chance to make a good impression with your guests.  All it takes is a single negative experience for that guest to decide to stay somewhere else the next time they need lodging.  That’s why more and more hotels are utilizing state-of-the-art audio and visual systems to stand out from the crowd and provide their guests with an exceptional experience.

If a guest is traveling for business or looking for a place to hold a conference, he will likely choose the hotel with up-to-date conference room facilities that not only has a projection system, but easy to use control systems. He requires everything to work smoothly. CEI’s audio video systems can make that a reality for hotel guests, ensuring a superior business event.

Leisure travelers, too, are also expecting a higher level of audio and video experience at their hotel. For example, custom automated controls for the common areas that include audio, video and lighting as well as other amenities are systems that can set a hotel apart from the competition. These systems allow for the hotel staff to focus on guest needs rather than adjusting AV and lighting settings during the course of each day.  New media rooms are also differentiating one hotel from the other, offering a warm environment to foster a true social experience.

It’s simple: audio and video investments can directly improve the bottom line. Investing in the media experience for guests will pay off because an updated experience is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must have” for the savvy business or leisure traveler.

Hotel Audio Video Technology for Guests

Improve the social experience and bring guests back for more.

How can a hotel get started updating its audio video technology? CEI will consult with you to design, install, and maintain an audio/visual system that will accentuate the atmosphere while reinforcing the brand and theme of your establishment.  We will listen and understand your needs while working within your set budget.

Some of our Hospitality Solutions include:

• System Design and Consultation
• Background Music
• Custom Music Programming
• Flat Panel and Projection systems
• Lighting Controls
• Surveillance
• Low Voltage Wiring
• Control Systems that are easy to use
• Video and Web Conferencing
• Digital Signage
• Live Performance Systems

For more information on how CEI can help you establish a pleasing atmosphere for your guests, call us today 800-464-8197 OR 404-248-9991.