Beulah Baptist Church, Douglasville, Ga

This system was originally designed by an architectural firm that has an on-staff AV consultant. In conjunction with the church, CEI redesigned the system to provide greater flexibility, ease of use, and value to the client.

An Allen & Heath T112 digital mixing console along with the IRD48 digital stage box provides the perfect functionality to meet the churches long term needs. After the iLive T Series console, the system features a dbx DriveRack unit to control aspects of the speaker systems. Powering the system is an assortment of Crown power amplifiers which are located in a rack under the stage

The speaker cluster consists of eight JBL VRX932LA line array speakers, four per side. The system’s bass response is supplemented by two JBL VRX918S subwoofers, which are mounted in specially designed bins on either side of the stage.

The monitor system will provide five independent monitor mixes using two JBL MRX512M passive floor monitors, two JBL AC2212/95 choir fills, and owner supplied wedge monitors. The I-Live mixer provides 31 band digital EQ’s onboard for each of the monitor outputs, thus outboard analog EQ’s are not necessary as monitor EQ will be done at the I-Live. Crown amplifiers power the monitor mixes.

A Tascam CD player is supplied for playback. CEI also installed a client supplied Tascam CDRW recorder and Apple IMAC PC for audio sources.

The video system is centered on the Panasonic AV-HS400AN Multi-Format Video mixer and Gefen, Extron and Kramer distribution components. It features connectivity for three HD-SDI camera locations. Currently the system is configured for six inputs and three outputs, feeding one video output to both the left and right Auditorium screens/projectors and a second output to the rear confidence screen/projector for the choir. The additional program output is used for the monitor.

The main video projection system consists of two Panasonic PTDW100U widescreen projectors and two DaLite 128” X 228” fixed screens. The rear system includes a Panasonic PTDW6300U projector and 108” X 192” fixed screen. The projectors are controlled by Panasonic Control software on one of the churches IMACs via the local area network.