Atlanta Audio Video Design and Installation Company | FAQ: Can you fix my existing audio visual equipment?


One of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at CEI Audio Video is, “Can you fix my existing audio visual equipment?” While we do offer high-quality, state of the art audio-video technology and equipment, we also offer maintenance and repair services to our clients that already have existing audio visual equipment in their facility.


Audio video equipment is just like any other system. It requires maintenance to perform optimally for years to come. Maintenance is the #1 way to prevent unplanned interruptions with your system and to extend the life of your AV equipment.  We realize that not all companies effectively plan for ongoing service and maintenance for the equipment that they have installed. Because of that, CEI offers extended maintenance and repair services to everyone, no matter who provided their AV systems.


Common AV maintenance and repair may include:

  • Correcting Acoustic or Sound Errors
  • Inspecting Connections and Replacing Faulty Wiring
  • Replacement Parts
  • Tuning your Audio system
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Updating or Upgrading Your Systems
  • Correcting or Adjusting Your Displays


About CEI AV:


CEI has been in the AV business since 1991. Since then, CEI has grown into national AV integrator, contractor and consultant, servicing thousands of clients across the United States. We serve a wide variety of industries corporate board rooms, hospitality, house of worship and government facilities. There is no industry to big or too small.


Services CEI AV offers:
• Consulting and Engineering
• Project management and installations
• Nationwide service and maintenance
• National project management
• Local support and compliance
• 24/7/365 service plans
• Staffing and technical support
• Training and support
• Documentation and CAD
• Interior design and layout
• Furniture and equipment
• Production services
• Studio production and broadcast services
• Music and video content
• DirecTV
• Leasing
• Message on hold


Technologies CEI offers:
• Audio video integration
• Programming and control systems
• AV and IT connectivity
• AV for museums
• LEED through AV and control systems
• Digital signage
• Multi Media systems
• Sound systems
• Surveillance systems
• Video conferencing systems
• Smart technologies
• Automation and energy management
• Low voltage contracting



If your facility’s AV system is in need of maintenance or repairs – feel free to give us a call at (800) 464-8197 or contact us at We can help you get your audio video system back into working shape.