4 Things to Consider Before Hiring Audio Video Companies to Improve Your Performing Arts Center’s Sound System

audio video companiesPerforming arts centers rely on their sound equipment to keep their patrons happy no matter what type of show they’re putting on. When that sound system is outdated, you can expect to receive complaints at best and lower ticket sales at worst. Keeping it updated is one of the most important things you can do to keep your venue relevant and competitive with other options in town. Wondering where to start? Here are a few things to consider before looking for audio video companies to help you with the sound system installation process.

Think About the Size of the Theater

It should come as no surprise that smaller theaters and venues need fewer speakers to create the right amount of sound. But even larger venues may currently have an undersized system in place. This can make sound distribution uneven and reduce the impact each performance makes on your patrons. Take measurements of your space. This includes the seating area, the stage, and the wings. When you’re ready to start getting quotes from audio video companies, bring those measurements with you.

Don’t Neglect Visual Elements

Believe it or not, visual components matter just as much as audio and sound systems. In fact, some studies indicate that people remember about 65% of material three days after an event when it uses both audio and visual elements. That number goes down to 10% for audio-only events and 35% for video-only events. By combining both systems, you’ll create a more enriching event for your patrons time and time again.

Ask for an On-Site Consultation

Audio video companies do not expect you to be an expert on sound systems. That’s their job. To make sure they understand the types of equipment you need, ask them to come to your facility. Once there, they’ll be able to look at the acoustics of the space and determine the best equipment for your venue.

Always Set a Budget

Before you can start searching for new equipment, make sure you have a firm budget in place. This will help you maximize the systems and options for your venue without accidentally pushing your operating budget overboard. That said, you need to be prepared to invest in your system. Remember, the right AV design Atlanta businesses need to please their customers can be expensive, but it will be well worth the money once the system is installed.

Ready to get your performing arts center ready for your next show with a new audio video system. The sooner it’s installed, the happier your patrons and your performers will be.