3 Surefire Signs Your Corporate AV System Needs Repairs Or Replacement

professional repair serviceWhen a business relies on audio and visual presentations for meetings, conference calls, and more, using a professional audio video company is a must. But just because your AV system worked perfectly back when it was installed doesn’t mean it’ll continue to be that way forever. Technology is constantly evolving and components will eventually be in need of upgrades. And when devices don’t work the way they’re supposed to, it can compromise productivity. If you’ve observed the following three signs during the workday, you’re likely going to need audio video repair and maintenance, if not complete replacement.

  1. Your video displays don’t work

    Studies suggest that we retain 65% of what we observe from presentations that combine both oral and visual elements, compared to 10% from just oral presentations and 35% from visual-only presentations. So it’s probably key for your business model to have easy access to video. If your displays take a long time to boot up, flicker constantly, or won’t work without fiddling with their plugs and cords, it’s definitely time to call a professional repair service. Whether it’s an easy fix or you need a total replacement, your technician can advise you on a course of action. And because screens are becoming much more affordable, this repair won’t be a huge hit to your operating budget.

  2. Using different media becomes too complicated

    Your AV system needs to be able to seamlessly navigate between all different kinds of sources of media. Presenters may not always be right in the room with you; they may need to display their materials from another location entirely. If your system consistently has trouble switching between internet connections, laptops, and disks, you probably could benefit from a system upgrade. A touch-screen system or other new solution may be a good idea. Your audio video repair services company can help make your system more streamlined and fix any issues you may encounter.

  3. You’re straining to hear

    Your video display may be working just fine, but it’s still a huge problem if you can’t make out what’s being said! Overwhelming background noise or videos that are too soft no matter how high you crank the volume are problems that will make your meetings a lot less effective. These issues may be solved with some basic audio system maintenance or much-needed upgrades performed by your professional repair service. Depending on the acoustics of the room or your specific needs, your technician may be able to recommend a more customized solution.

You can’t afford to waste time on a sub par audio video system. When your AV business needs simply aren’t being met, you need to call a professional repair service right away. In doing so, you’ll make company meetings more effective and reduce frustration among your staff — a total win/win for your company.